Schools reopening characterised by drugs, sex, twerking and deplorable behaviour

There has been uproar over the recent spate of mischievous activity in schools. This follows the reopening of schools recently that saw most teachers not turning up for work. Students have now taken it upon themselves to get busy with all sorts of mischief sparking a lot of controversy on their future. Videos circulating on social media platforms have revealed that students are engaging in sexually motivated activities.

The videos and images being share are so shocking and have raised eyebrows. Most students in public schools are simply going to school for entertainment. The absence of teachers has given leeway to all sorts of naughty deeds including drugs,sex and alcohol abuse.

According to a news report on national television recently, most young school going kids were impregnated during the long vacation. Young girls in rural areas have fallen victim to the scourge of child marriages due to the long holiday and most have been reported to be living with newly acquired husbands.

The growing trend of indiscipline and deplorable behaviour is now cause for concern. It seems the students have been gripped by a frenzy to engage in such behaviour much to the disappointment of their parents. It is also uncertain whether this crazy charade will come to an end considering that teachers are sticking to their notion that they will not return to work until their needs are met.

Examination classes have already opened for the third term and are expected to write their final exams in January while the remaining classes are expected to open in November

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