Teachers boycott schools reopening

Teachers have remained defiant to go back to work even after government announced the re opening of schools this Monday. Exam classes were asked to go back to school this Monday but most teachers did not turn up for work citing incapacitation as the major cause. This move really signals what is to befall students as schools gear up for reopening of all classes.

Even at boarding schools, reports are that teachers did not show up for work. Teachers are earning salaries that are nit enough to buy US 40 dollars a month. This has caused a huge outcry from teachers as they have been demanding their salaries to be paid in US dollars. Some have been surviving on extra jobs such as asking parents to pay for extra lessons which they conduct at their homes. Most people have called on government to make a solid plan with regards to remuneration of civil servants so as to avert the impending education crisis.

A recent proposal by government to increase salaries by 40% was recently rejected. Civil servants are insisting that their salaries be pegged in US dollars so as to retain value. Even the USD 75 nostro payment has done nothing to quell down tempers. This is because most civil servants have not been able to access the money in US dollars but rather banks are converting it to Rtgs currency.

The issue of welfare of teachers has become such a big crisis and exam classes are certainly going to be affected by the strike.

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