Top 4 must read books about Zim politics!

Zimbabwean politics is one area that most people find amusing. Indeed several authors have put pen to paper to come up with interesting reads about the politics of the day in moreen day Zimbabwe. We compile a list of books that aptly capture the political scene in post independent Zimbabwe.

1. 2 Weeks in November.

The non fiction book was written by Douglas Rogers. It figuratively outlines in detail the unfolding of events leading to the coúp that toppled former president Robert Mugabe. The book has behind the scenes information about top CIO operatives in Zimbabwe and South Africa as well as their deadly missions. The book was published by Short Books LTD in 2019. It is a must read if one wishes to acquaint themself with how the political game is played in Zimbabwe.

2. Zvairwadza vasara

This book invokes a lot of emotion. The storyline is about the survival of gallant sons of the soil during the liberation war in Zimbabwe and the political landscape after the war. The book was written by Gonzo H Musengezi and published in 1984. Reading through the trials, tribulations and war environment that most people had to endure is heartbreaking. The book is a celebration of liberation war guerillas and their immense contribution to take back power from white rule.

3. The graceless fall of Robert Gabriel Mugabe: The end of a dictator’s reign.

Geoffrey Nyarota focuses more on the fall of Robert Mugabe’s and the contribution of his wife to his demise rather than the coúp that unfolded. The book was published by Penguin books. Nyarota captures how clueless Grace Mugabe was about her fate and that of her husband as she tried wiggle her way into politics.

4. The path to power: In search of the elusive Zimbabwean dream. An autobiography of Thought, leadership, Volume 2.

This book is a narrative of Zim politics between 2003-2009. It was written by professor Arthur Mutambara. It was published by SAPES. The book is a sequel to volume one which is essentially a histobiography of our beloved country

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