Top 4 reasons not to go to university.

In this fast paced world dynamics are changing. Gone are the days when no other having a university degree spelled doom. Some of the most successful and richpeoplemin the world do not even have university education. Take a look at the likes of Ginimbi. The current economic situation and state of things have introduced a new plan of action instead of the traditional university route. Here are some of the benefits of not even bothering with a university degree.

1. You cut down on the number of years that you spend in school and directly pursue your career interests. Sometimes going to university is merely delaying the inevitable, the pursuit of your dreams.

2. You save up on hefty university fees. Universities have become money fleecers and not going there will save you.

3. You are able to make money early. Mots people rely on personal hustles to survive nowadays. Going to university might just set you back. It is no wonder some of the richest people in the world never attended college.

4. You also get to realise that a uni degree is just but a paper in Zimbabwe. Most people with degrees are not even doing what they went to university to study. The majority are not even working. It is certainly better to just do your own stuff, set up your own business or pursue your career path without the hassle of going to university first.

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