Tips on Scheduling Important Meetings

A meeting with clients or potential investors is very crucial. A meeting can either make or break your agenda. If you are aiming to seal the deal then you need to be strategic about your meeting. From scheduling to actually having the meeting you need to plan ahead.

1. Schedule ahead of time

Plan to meet a week before so as to secure your meeting.

2. Schedule at an odd time

If you want to meet at a definite time as 10.00 a.m. or 10.30 then ask to meet at 10.13. Such odd times push individuals to arrive early.

3. Pick a coffee shop

A meeting will last as long as a cup of coffee. Apart from the length of the meeting, coffee is inexpensive.

4. Call in advance

Check in if you are still having the meeting or possible rescheduling.

5. Be an hour early

No matter what mode of transport you are using make sure that you are an hour early. This gives you time to rest and refresh prior to the meeting.

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