Police officer ruthlessly kills baby strapped to mother’s back

There is furore over a recent incident in Bindura. A police officer might have bitten off more than he could chew after assaulting a helpless woman and instantly killing her baby in the process. The police officer struck the toddler who was strapped to his mother’s back as he unleashed a ferocious attack on the woman. The incident occurred this Monday.

A video showing the grieving mother clinging onto her lifeless baby has since gone viral on social media. She is seen holding her baby in one hand while grabbing the police officer with the other hand. The visibly disturbed woman has drawn sympathy from many people.

Police brutality has become a norm in the country with some overzealous officers callously causing the death of innocent victims. Some people have also been injured as a result of recklessness on the part of the law enforcement agents. Last year, a woman was shot in Chitungwiza as police tried to clamp down on vendors. Similar incidents have been reported in various parts of the country.

Social media users had no kind words for the police officer whom they described as a monster. UK based socialite Olinda Chapel also lamented the unfortunate incident and called on police officers to stop brutalising people.

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