Serial rapist finally nabbed

A Harare man who is suspected to have raped a lot of women while pretending to be a public transporter, was hailed before the courts after the long arm of justice finally caught up with him.Gilbert Mugodi, 48 was in the habit of posing as a transport provider to desperate female transport seekers, only to rape them and ejaculate in their mouths.

On his first count, according to the evidence presented by the state, Mugodi was driving a Toyota Raum registered ABH 2877 and picked up a female passenger together with other passengers.The other passengers disembarked at Mbudzi roundabout and he was left with the victim.After lying that he was going to pick up a passenger at Boka, he then drove along the Harare-Masvingo and turned right at Amalinda road to a bushy area in Ushewokunze, then parked his car.He raped the complainant after threatening her and ejaculated in her mouth.He threatened to kill her and her children if she told anyone.She told her husband that her phone had been stolen but omitted the rape incident.She later told a female pastor who advised her to file a police report and which she did at ZRP Glen Norah.

In counts 4 and 5 Mugodi picked up the complainant in Machipisa and lied that he wanted to pick up his friend at Olivine, then they would proceed to Budiriro, where the complainant stays.He told her he was a Satanist and a human trafficker so to avoid an ill fate, she had to give in to his demands.He threatened her with a taser then raped her, before dumping her near Mashwede Complex.She reported the incident immediately.

On another count he tricked the complainant, telling her that there were people who wanted to kill her for rituals before picking her up and raping her.In another incident, he then threatened to sacrifice the complaint for his rituals, before proceeding to rape her together with his accomplice.He stole her money and her phone.On August 23, the complainant’s mother discovered that the missing phone was still being used on Whatsapp and the number was tracked leading to Mugodi’s arrest.The complainant positively identified him.

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