Supa Airs Biti’s Dirty Laundry In Dramatic Twitter Rant

Supa Mansiwanzira hasn’t gotten into a Twitter feud for awhile, so he was overdue for a good one! This time, his target just could beΒ  Tendai Biti , if a serious of cryptic, insulting tweets are about the constitutional law expert and current leader of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Supa Airs Biti's Dirty Laundry In Dramatic Twitter Rant

On Wednesday, communication between the two became emotional. Biti accused Mandiwanzira of stealing $200,000 from the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority saying that POTRAZ is heavily audited (and) that’s why they know Supa stole $200k from it.

Mandiwanzira damned Biti, who he said had stolen $40 million from POTRAZ during his tenure as Finance minister during the 2009-2013 coalition government telling Biti that he should explain why as Finance minister you looted $40m from POTRAZ Telecomms Fund.

Check out the twitter rants below…

twitter rant 7 twitter rant5

twitter rant 4 twitter rant 3 twitter rant 2 twitter rant 1

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