Top 5 curviest women in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe has several women that turn heads with their curvy bodies and good looks. We profile the top 5 most curvy women dominating on social media.

1 Sandra Ndebele
Bulawayo born singer,actress and brand ambassador Sandra Ndebele sent social media into overdrive many a times last year after flaunting her curves. She posted a series of pictures just before her album launch and people were simply mesmerised by her good looks. Sandra is indeed one of the most beautiful women in the country.

2 Madam boss
Of course, the hilarious comedian would be on our list. She is endowed with natural assets that have left most women green with envy. She is also confident about her body image and can rock up any clothing item including a bikini.

3 Kikky Badass
True to her name, Kikky knows exactly how to grab attention and that is by showing off her hot body. Kikky has curves that really stand out and she knows the perfect way to dress in order to accentuate her curves. Kikky blew up the internet last year when she posted some poolside pics in a small bikini, baring it all for her fans to witness.

4 Misred
Her name always pops up when the issue of curves is discussed. Misred occasionally encourages women to embrace their body image. She once penned down a love letter to her body and revealed how women often suffer body shaming just because they are curvy.

5 Pokello
The queen of swagger has a body to die for. She also likes to rock different looks ranging from shorts to dresses and all things in between. Need we say more?

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