“Why Always Me?” Cries Jonathan Moyo On Social Media

We are thinking although they are from different worlds, soccer player Mario Balotelli should hit up Professor Jonathan Moyo so that they can discuss “why always them”?


The Minister of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services, ProfJNMoyo as he’s known to his twitter followers is not pleased about all the blame thrown his way. At least he understands that he is not alone in this unlucky department as he posted a photo of football bad boy Balotelli with his famous quote, “why always me?”

Jonathan Moyo has been accused of being the man behind the social media character Baba Jukwa amongst other things and in true Professor Moyo style he took to twitter to let people know he’s had enough.

He should have known better not to cry to twitter though, the replies that followed are the ones to see for yourself. Whatever the Minister is going through, we hope it won’t get to him to the point where he closes his twitter account because it’s giving us life right now.

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