Instagram reacts to Passion Java’s mhuma huma tongues

Prophet Passion Java is indeed the man of the moment as evidenced by messages and videos circulating on social media. The man of cloth caused furore recently when he was recorded speaking in tongues which pretty much sounded like childish gibberish. Social media had no kind words for the man of God whom they accused of staging fake deliverance sermons and of speaking in nonsensical tones. In the video Java is heard shouting words like ‘mahuma huma’ much to the amusement of most people.

Enock Chisale composed a hillarious song and video which reiterated what Java said in his session of speaking in tongues. Mambos chicken also took the prophet’s words to come up with a genius marketing gimmick that saw them taking a dig at fellow food outlets such as Nandos,chicken inn and steers. Java is popurlar for his childish and almost crazy like public stunts. He also has a dictionary of his own, dishing out odd words such as ‘kutswibida’,’kutsotsonya’ and ‘twabam’. Most people have raised speculation on his authenticity as a prophet of God.

Java is also renowned for his love of the finer things in life and owns a wide array of expensive items such as luxurious cars, phones and an astonishing collection of guns. People have reacted massively to the tongue speaking session sending social media into overdrive. Speaking in tongues is common in most Pentecostal churches but it is just that those spoken by Java have a rare flare. Others have ridiculed them as “tongues that went to Harvad”

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