New Satanic church opens its doors in South Africa

A new development in South Africa had people tongue tied. The announcement of the opening of a new satanic church has left many people dry mouthed and reeling in shock. The issue was brought to light on various social media platforms as well as on E news.

This satanic church is the first of its kind in the Southern African country. It was announced that the church would be opening soon in Century city. Speaking on the issue, the co founders of the church Adri Norton and Riaan Swiegelaar said there has been a high expression of interest with 300 new applicants for membership in the month of June alone.

The duo also set the record straight on the ways of the church and dismissed some misconceptions that people have about their organisation. They remarked,” We are not a gt rich quick organisation but rather a religious organisation”. Swiegelaar said the church does not partake in animal or human sacrifices and they certainly will not be doing any rituals to initiate members into worshipping the devil. He said Satan is merely an archetype.

He also clarified that the church is not a branch of the famous Illuminati group. He also said the church will not be coming after young people as members who wish to join must be above the age of 18. New members would have to be approved by their seven member council.

The new church has sparked outrage and most people have expressed their fears. However freedom of religion is a right that is enjoined in the South African constitution and the church already has members showing their intention to join

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