Prophet Madungwe gives prophetic word on #Zimlivesmatter

Prophet Madungwe never ceases to amaze. The controversial man of cloth recently had people laughing their guts out after claiming that the #Zimbabwean lives matter movement had gained momentum in heaven. The prophet claimed that the biblical Noah had retweeted the movement and that God had made a promise to send angel Gabriel to verify whether what is being claimed on social media is actually the situation on the ground.

Most people would have really wanted his statement to be true and divine intervention but the prophet’s prophecy has been shot down by most people. This is not the first time that Madungwe has made frivolous claims about having gone to heaven. At one time he said he had seen God’s face. He also caused furore when he said he had travelled to heaven for a braai with biblical figures such as Abraham.

On the issue of covid 19, the prophet said he had also consulted God. Madungwe’s latest prophecy has been ridiculed by most social media users. If anything, the prophet has been labelled a lunatic. A few, however, expressed faith in the man of God and said his prophecy would surely come to pass.

Religion has been playing a vital role of late in keeping up the faith. Some prophets have gone the extra mile to try and draw crowds to their churches including claims of going to heaven, having direct phone access to God and even asking congregants to do strange things such as eating grass in the name of religion

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