Uebert Angel commended for his acts of goodwill

Uebert Angel has been commended for his show of faith and love after the man of cloth paid school fees for an entire school in Masvingo. One of his followers shared the news on Instagram and applauded his spiritual father for leading by example. Angel is reported to have paid school fees for 1026 students. According to his wife Beverly, “true religion is helping those in need according to our Lord Jesus”. She encouraged people to do things that impact other people’s lives.

This is not the first time that the famous prophet has done acts of goodwill. A few months ago, he also paid school fees for the entire school including arrears at another school. The prophet, who is no doubt one of the richest people in Zimbabwe devotes much of his time to helping those in need. Unlike fellow prophets who are obsessed with flashing luxurious cars and living large without giving back to those in need, Angel loves to make a difference in people’s lives.

Angel made the headlines last year when he bought an island in Ghana. It has since been renamed Angel island. He owns various businesses and has state of the art cars. He hosted a lavish birthday party last year for himself and incoperated an Egyptian theme. It was attended by top business people from all over the world. Angel, who hails from Zimbabwe is based abroad but always has his heart in the right place, that is home.

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