SIS Design Challenge 2018

SIS Design Challenge 2018 facilitates students (undergraduate program) from various design and technology backgrounds (e.g. HCI, UX, ICT, industrial design, product design, visual design, interaction design) to demonstrate their problem solving and design ability to propose solutions for digital-technology issues. This year’s competition theme is β€œRedesign Your Business with Digital Technology”.

This theme is based on the fact that so many emerging businesses are losing their existence in the market because of the lack of good digital technology implementations. Referring to the occurrence of bankruptcy the largest cassette and CD retail in Indonesia on 2016, Disc Tarra decided to close all outlets because not able to compete from the conventional era to the digital world, so now they only able to commemorate the success of that era (Liputan6, 2016).

Therefore, in this competition by redesigning a business that is still running conventionally, can combine elements of technology to support business development for the better growth, especially for businesses that have a target market of the young generation who still have a high awareness of technology.

Location: Indonesia, Online


β€’ An opportunity for undergraduate students to implement their knowledge, analytical thinking, and teamwork in this competition.

β€’ An international experience and networking for undergraduate students


β€’ Participants Terms & Condition:

β€’ Participants of the competition are active undergraduate students. (age between 18 – 25 years old)

β€’ Each team consists of 2 undergraduate students who enroll in same University.

β€’ Products Terms & Condition:

β€’ System/product design has never received an award or been a winner in similar contests either on a national or international scale.

β€’ System/product design can be developed on desktop, web, and mobile platforms.

β€’ The design of the system/product is able to give solutions based on the specified issue.

β€’ The system/product design developed using the fundamental rules of UX Design.

Eligible Regions: Open for All


1. Register your team from the given link.

2. Upload your Idea Proposal before the deadline.

3. The team will be announced to continue to the next round.

Application Deadline: September 23, 2018 (6 Days Remaining)


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