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Cde Chinotimba To Participate In Kissing Contest In Bid To Break The World Record

Our favorite Cde, Cde Chinotimba and his wifeΒ  will take part in a Valentines’ Day kissing contest in bid to break the world record for the longest kiss. Now that’s something we want to witness.


Herald reports that Cde Chinotimba and other media personalities and musicians will take part in the initiative put together by the Book of African Records in an attempt to get Zimbabweans to break a record that will be published in the Book of African records next year.

“We are excited that among the contestants is our very own Cde Chinos and wife. The couple will be running for a big prize among other celeb couples”, the initiative’s publicist told Herald.

If this is of nay interest to you, here’s how you can qualify for the competition:

  • must be married which also means you must be over 18 years old.
  • only married couples can participate meaning you can’t participate with another person who’s not your wife/husband.
  • Proof of marriage may be required
  • couples married according to customary law are eligible to participate
  • the contestants must stand during the attempt and cannot be propped together by any aids like pillows, cushions or people.
  • no rest breaks aloud

The winners will walk away with get a cash prize and a holiday getaway. The current world record for longest kiss is 54hours held by a Thai couple. Good Luck!

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