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Buffalo Souljah promotes local artists.

Dancehall artist Buffalo Souljah who is based in South Africa has suddenly become the bearer of good news for Zimdancehall artists. He has emerged as the long awaited saviour and redeemer of the local music industry. Buffalo has managed to help other local artists to penetrate the regional market.

Buffalo waged his own social media war by taking on Ghanaian dancehall musician Shatta Wale. The brawl eventually sucked in other artists resulting in songs by artists such as Dobba Don, Maggikal and Delroy being played on radio stations in Ghana.

Buffalo said that he had started the social media war in order to bring attention to Zimbabwean music on the global stage.Buffalo had challenged Shatta Wale to claim the throne as king of African dancehall music. They had both composed diss songs for each other. Both artists had subsequently created their own squads to battle each other out. Buffalo had roped in some local artists and exhorted them to compose diss songs against Shatta Wale. It is these songs that are now trending on the Ghana music scene.

Buffalo has been advocating national unity amongst Zim artists in order to push local music onto the international scene. His efforts seem to be paying off. The idea to put Zim artists on the global map has been commended by many of his fans.

Buffalo said that most local artists cannot afford to market themselves internationally. He gave an example of himself and that he requires around USD 5000 monthly to keep his PR and marketing in check. This is however not sustainable for most local artists.

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