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DJ Naida and John Cole -Tamba

DJ Naida has released a new single featuring talented dancing sensation John Cole. The track Titled Tamba has been a breakthrough hit and has seen the country take a liking to the new song as a whole.

The dance, house song was produced by Reverb 7 and features John Cole doing some of the vocals. The song marks DJ Naida’s come back after having last released a song three years ago.

Speaking to DJ Naida, she said:

β€œIt’s been a while since I released music and I am glad I am back to it again.

β€œGigs have been doing the most of my schedule and I wasn’t able to make music.

β€œWe started working on this song last year in November and we have just been working on in the last few months.”

DJ Naida

She added:

The song is all about dance, it is such a wonderful experience that makes people feel good and uplift their spirits.

β€œBasically it’s about celebrating dance and that’s why I also have John Cole featuring on it as well as he is one of the best if not the best and serious dancers in the country right now.

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