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Fans anxiously waiting for Van Choga, AY Poyoo collabo

Music lovers are anxiously waiting to sample the new offering by controversial changed Van Choga and Ghanaian AY Poyoo. Fans were excited when it was recently announced that the two had linked up and that a single titled “Ghetto rules” will be released by the duo soon.

The collaboration between the two artists is indeed a dream come true for most people that had been calling for them to hook up and work together. Both Can Choga and AY Poyoo have a unique singing style. The combination of the two promises to result in an explosive track that will take Africa by storm.

Van Choga is famous for his strange singing tactics and videos. Indeed he has managed to capture the attention of most people having been nurtured and promoted by zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz. While he was recently under fire for having abandoned his mentor in search of greener pastures, it seems Van Choga has his eyes set on regional collaborations.

Likewise, AY Poyoo I became an overnight internet sensation following the release of his song “Am a goat”. While it it common knowledge that goat translates to ‘greatest of all time’ AY Poyoo had his own spin on the goat song by putting real, live has on his video. He also caused furore with yet another song about swimming as waddled in muddy waters. Truth be told AY Poyoo and Van Choga could be a match made in heaven having regard to their music.

Van Choga has released songs such as Pindikiti and wings with so much passion and conviction. Ghetto rules is set to become a hit and fans are anxiously waiting in anticipation for the day of reckoning. While Van Choga’s trademark look is his long, dark afro, AY Poyoo loves to put on some chains around his neck and is often shirtless.

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