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Has Beyonce Finally Left Her Husband For Good?

Sometimes even famous Celebrities has problems of their own, they tend to forget their fam for a while. What we see on TV is not what is behind the scenes, Beyonce and Jay Z’s eight year marriage seems to be falling apart allegedly, Queen Bey moved out of the house with their daughter Blue Ivy.Poor little Ivy she is now the victim of the circumstance.


It is said that these two are trying so hard to act as a perfect couple but reportedly Beyonce decided to leave their house with Blue Ivy as a way keeping herself healthy and stress free. She needed to distance herself from Jay ZΒ  so she is currently renting an apartment secretively in a nearby place.Β  However Bey is confiding in her friends .

At a dinner Party recently held in LA recently which Beyonce and her friends attended she said to one of her friends “Us single girls have to stick together”, literally she was recalling their hey days how they used overcome anything together

Β We hate to stomach the thought of Beyonce and Jay Z getting a divorce for good. “They don’t want to publicity and drama, Beyonce really wants to focus on her upcoming Formation tour. So they’ve just decided to quietly live apart” said one of her friends .
Hope they work this out for Ivy’s sake

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