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Henry Olonga saved from elimination.

Henry Olonga suprised the nation when he made an appearance on the Australian show ‘The Voice Australlia’. He enticed judges with his deep melodious voice and proceeding to the next round of the show

He was however a bit Rusty on the next round of the show wherein he perfomed the song ‘Can you feel the love tonight’ which was composed by Elton John. Olonga momentarily forgot the lyrics to the song twice. He was on the verge of being eliminated before being saved by Kelly Rowland, one of the judges.

Olonga had confessed that all he ever wanted to do was to sing. He stated that after putting a halt to his cricketing days he was now confident enough to pursue a singing career.

Henry Olonga was one of the best cricket players in Zimbabwe. He fled into exile overseas after receiving threats from the political order of that time. Olonga has however always been a musician at heart. He once released a song praising Zimbabwe together with Bonnie Duetschle. Most people have their fingers crossed that Olonga will win the singing competition.

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