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Jah Prayzah in “secret romance” with fan.

A huge fan of Jah Prayzah by the name Chipo Gurwe recently left people in shock after it emerged that she is taking her artist to fan relationship with the singer to a whole new level! In her imaginary world, Jah Prayzah is not only an artist whose music she loves but the two have their own secret love relationship. So twisted is her line of thinking that she publicly professes her deep connection to the afro fusion singer.

Chipo Gurwe is Jah Prayzah’s imaginary wife and the two have unconditional love blooming in their world. Chipo’s sick game was unearthed recently when some messages that she authored in the name of Jah Prayzah surfaced online. The message, purpoted to be written by the singer, all point towards their undying love.

Chipo has gone to the extent of pairing her images with those of the singer through the use of photogrid in a bid to bring the two closer together. It is not unusual for followers to fantasize about their favorite artists but Chipo certainly has exceeded the normal parameters of crushing on her favorite singer. Truth be told she has now turned into an uncontrollable stalker.

Many people castigated the woman, who seems to be way older than Jah Prayzah, for he conduct citing that it is shameful. Of course, the singer has had ladies throwing themselves at him over the years but Chipo takes the crown. She certainly can’t get enough of the singer. Others have advised the singer to be wary of such people as they tend to tarnish the image of those in the public domain. They said that it is these kind of women who end making false claims that they were having an affair with the singer stemming from their sick and twisted romantic fantasies.

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