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Mutasvi video now out.

The much awaited video Mutasvi by Enzo ishall is finally out. The song caused a lot of commotion after people said they were puzzled by the explicit lyrical content that seemed to suggest sexual intercourse positions.

Indeed there was outrage over the hidden message in the song but suprising it remained one of the most sought after songs. Enzo had earlier on released a short video clip of the making of the video. Fans were however treated to the full video last night when it was officially released.

The video features some skimpily dressed ladies on horseback thereby literally translating the words “Bhiza rinoda Mutasvi” into action. The video was well directed and shows a growing trend in Zinbabwe of producing top notch videos.

Chillspot producer Fantan said that they have developed a new approach to video making in order to match international standards as evidenced by the new video.

Enzo is known for songs such as 50 magate, Handirare kuden kwenyu and Kanjiva. He is one of the best zimdancehall artists in Zinbabwe and has been touring several countries.

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