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Seh Calaz Has Released A New Song For Sir Wicknell

Seh Calaz seems to be one of those who are recognizing Sir Wicknells great work as well as not judging the other nasty side of him as well as his biggest supporter.The artist recently released a new song forΒ  flamboyant businessman man Sir Wickenell titled ‘Siyana navo’, urging the flamboyant businessman to stop paying attention to those who badmouth him .

Seh Calaz


Seh Calaz is a controversial Zim dancehall artist who is well known for causing drama, as they say birds of the same feathers flock together considering how calaz rose to fame his new track is not surprising at all. Hope his fans gets moved by this in other words they will probably love it when they don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics.

Check out his new track below

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