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Seh Calaz, the lone ranger.

Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz made a shocking revelation when he alleged that he did not have any friends. The youthful chanter revealed that he did not keep any friends for fear of being disappointed by so called allies.

Seh Calaz bemoaned lack of trust in friendships and asserted that friends are bound to gossip and turn green with envy over the successes of their pals. He said he has never been one to be thrust into such relationships.

The revelation by Seh Calaz comes as no suprise. The artist has been embroiled in squabbles with fellow zimdancehall artists since he started his musical career. The enemity escalated to the point that the singer penned down songs such as ‘Handikendenge’ and ‘Titori bho takadaro’ highlighting that he did not care about being friends with anyone.

At one point things were so tense between himself and fellow artist Soul Jah love that at almost every show that the two perfomed together there would be chaos. He has also been under the spotlight for saying that he is a better artist than Winky D. Winky D simply rubbished the claims as false.

The singer however, then asked people who thought could befriend him to approach him. He said he was now confident enough to have that one friend to whom he could confide in.

Seh Calaz rose to fame with songs such as ‘Mumota muri kubvira’, ‘Pandakatanga’ and ‘Mabanditi’. He has collaborated with the likes of Kinnah and Soul Jah love.

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