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Social media reacts to Tinashe Mutarisi giving out a US 100 dollar tip

Nash paints owner Tinashe Mutarisi has a heart of gold indeed. The humble business man recently had social media users teary eyed after his kind gesture to a man by the roadside. He drew the attention and admiration of many after giving out a US 100 dollar tip. Even the recipient himself could not believe his luck.

The man could not believe his eyes and almost shed some tears. Mutarisi is well known for his kind hearted acts and often gives out handouts to the needy. Most people expressed gratitude for his show of kindness early this year when he donated food parcels to the old and vulnerable in order to alleviate the challenges posed by the covid 19 pandemic.

Mutarisi has also been instrumental in sponsoring local music artists. His passion for music has seen him working with artists behind the scenes to ensure quality products are released onto the market. Mutarisi has a good reputation and does not withhold his hand when it comes to giving. He is a clear example of the modern day good Samaritan.

Mutarisi’s recent act of goodwill drew a lot of comments from social media users who encouraged fellow business people to do the same. Some said while a single person will not be able to end everyone’s poverty, these random acts of kindness are a necessity. The award winning business man is clearly setting the pace for other rich people to follow. No wonder why his business keeps thriving.

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