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Sulu Finally Responds To Bluetooth Earpiece Slams

This seems to have been quite a tough week for the musician,Β  Sulu’s Bluetooth earpiece meme circulating on social media seems to have caught his attention recently with the singer shutting it down almost instantly saying that he is so attached to his Bluetooth device that he even forgets to take it off when he goes to bed. Sulu Finally Responds To Bluetooth Earpiece Slams.

 Sulu Finally Responds To Bluetooth Earpiece Slams

Over the weekend, he almost broke the internet with critics questioning why he could not just leave his phone home just for a day, especially on his wedding day, and here’s what he had to say ”I can safely say it is my trademark. Just like my late father had his cellphone, I have this. It is convenient and I cannot afford not to wear it. I was using it to communicate with the bride and also there were other things happening on that day.”

He also added that It has a 100 metre range and it makes his life easier. It tells him who is calling and he can decide whether to take the call or not.

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