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This is the reason why Master KG scooped the MTV award

Music lovers are celebrating the latest achievement by South African house sensation Master KG. The musician just scooped an award at the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday. He was named the best African act. The humble faced singer was thrilled to be recognized at such a prestigious event.

In his acceptance speech Master KG expressed gratitude to his patner on the song Nomcebo and his fans from all over the world. Truth be told, the song has become a sensation world wide. Jerusalem literally took over the music space on social media as well as radio and television. Videos of people doing the Jerusalem challenge have been flooding the internet. Participants have been from all over the world including countries such as the USA, Zimbabwe, Malawi and even some countries from Asia. The Jerusalem craze was ignited early this year and fans have not been putting any brakes.

Most people fell.in love with the soft house beat on the song as well as its cool vibe. Some have commented that this song ought to be the most popular song of the year world over due to the airplay it has received. It has also served as a unifying force as people from different backgrounds and nationalities have joined the challenge in unison. It is not known whether Master KG anticipated that his song would become such a sensation.

South Africa boasts of an abundance of talent in house music. Jerusalem has however been the epitome of great music and beats. Locally, people have been enjoying the song and the Jerusalem challenge with various entities partaking in the trend. These include law firms such as Mtetwa and Nyambirai, banks such as CBZ, companies, football clubs and also individuals. No one has been spared the enjoyment

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