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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Tytan

Zimbabwean born singer TytanΒ  recently released a hit song with songstress Ammara titled ‘Mukoko’ which caused a stir on social media’s. The video currently has more than 600 000 views on YouTube! Awesome right? Tytan is a creative designer, music producer, entrepreneur, brand consultant, television personality, curator and broadcaster.


But there’s more to this talented star than what meets the eye. Check out below some of the top five things you didn’t know about Tytan below:

1. Born Nyabulo Mayibongwe Nkomo popularly known as Tytan.

2. He was born on the 6th of February in Harare where he grew up.

3. Tytan attended SOS Herman Gmeiner Primary School and then Marist Brothers High school as well as Nyanga High School then Kutama St Fransis Xavier.

4. He is the second born in a family of two was raised by his mother who was a high school teacher and a Food Technologist.

5. Spent most of his childhood with his now married sister Gugulethu Runyowa. His father Cornelius Njabulo Nkomo passed away in August 2009.

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