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Top 5 urban grooves artists who went quiet

There was a time when urban grooves music was the heart and soul of urban culture. Indeed the melodious tunes and love lyrics from various young artists were appealing and played on a daily basis. Some of the artists became overnight stars. Unfortunately some of them seem to have faded into the shadows.

1 Major Playaz

They rose to fame with their song Shake umzimba wako. These guys were the epitome of urban grooves music. People were fond of their smooth lyrics and swag. They have since gone quiet.

2 Decibel

His song Nakai, was an instant hit. The singer was everyone’s darling and the ladies loved his sweet voice and rhyming lyrics. Decibel also released other hit songs such as Chido and Ruva remoyo. After relocating to England, the singer went quiet and has not released a song in decades.

3 Rocqui

Rocqui is undoubtedly one of the most talented singers in Zimbabwe. He was one of the pioneers of urban grooves music in the country. A few bad choices such as drug abuse and impregnanting various women led to his demise on the music scene. Although he scores a gig here and there, Rocqui is no longer as vibrant and consistent as he was back in the days.

4 Dino Mudondo

Dino blew fans away with his funky music taste and melodious voice. Songs such as Jatropha and Ndichakumirira propelled him to stardom. His fame has now dwindled and the singer no longer releases any songs.

5 Bootkin clan.

The group was led by Mannex and produced hit songs such as Nyo and Tsamba. They ater on split with Mannex continuing to release new songs. He has also gone quiet and we wonder what became of such young, talented artists.

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