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Top 5 Zimbabwean Celebs Who Changed Their Stage Names Prt 1

Not everyone is born with a name that belongs on a billboard. Some celebs had to ditch their original first or last for something that would sizzle in bright lights. But what are their real names?Check it out all here below………

1. Killer T

Killer T is one of the biggest names inΒ  Zimbabwe and if he hadn’t shortened his moniker, he would have had one of the longest names in Zim too: Kelvin Kusikwenyu


2. Winky D

Winky D’s full birth name isΒ  16 characters long! We wonder if that’s why he chose a stage name half that length? His real name is Wallace ChirumikoΒ  .

3. Jah Prayzah

Jah Prayzah was born Mukudzei Mukombe

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4. King Shaddy

King Shady was born Shadreck Kakwire


5. Buffalo Souljah

He was born Thabhani Ndlovu

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