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Greatman releases new music video

As the saying goes disability is not inability. A living example of that translation is local musician Greatman who, despite being disabled has made his mark in the arts industry. Greatman recently released a new music video called Gegede.

In the song, he highlights day to day challenges that disabled people face such as not being able to eat, walk, bath or do other basic things on their own. His lyrics clearly conscientise people on the plight of many disabled people in Zimbabwe.

The video features Lorraine Guyo who rose to fame through her ndinyengeiwo video. After seeing the video it would be virtually impossible for anyone not to feel empathy for those that are affected by their physical restrictions coupled by societal ignorance to their needs.

Greatman became popular after doing a collaboration with Sulumani Chimbetu and caught the attention of many. He has put a lot of people to shame and continues to make his mark in the music scene.

The new video has received a lot of positive reviews. The future looks bright for the budding musician and his music has been credited for being meangful and having a positive social impact.

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