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Olinda and Tytan Confirm Wedding Plans

Tytan and Olinda have shared that their wedding plans are underway. Last year Olinda had shared that she wanted a winter wedding in the UK. No date has been shared however it’s likely to be soon. The couple has said they are set to wed β€œsoon”, and Olinda has been dropping hints on her social media.

VIP Hosting, which includes the talents of Craig Zoowie and Kevin will be planning the most talked about celebrity couple. The wedding planners have been taking trips to the UK and making preparations for the Capel-Nkomo upcoming nuptials.

On Sunday, in celebration of the UK Mother’s Day, Tytan wrote a long piece praising Olinda. β€œHappy Mother’s Day to the future bearer of my seed. The one that sees better even though I lead. The one so special to me none can ever supersede. The one that makes me whole when my soul needs to feed. β€œI watch you love our sons like nobody cares better. β€˜Cause the truth is, with your love, I don’t think that there’s better. Your love runs deep it’s special in its obscurity,” he wrote. β€œBut one thing that’s crystal clear is your love’s purity. I love you so much Mrs Njabulo Nkomo! β€œThank you for representing the strongest people in the world, moms! Happy Mother’s Day! #happymothersday #skhokho.”

The couple seem to be proving naysayers that their relationship is the real deal. They recently made the cover for Divas Inc. In the issue they shared their love story which began due to Tytan’s hit ‘Bho’.

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