5 books on business that James Makamba recommends

Business mogul James Makamba had some tips for all aspiring business people. He shared a list of books on business and encouraged people to try them out. It is no secret that most successful business people are widely read. Makamba is one of them. The business guru had asked for recommendations from his legion of fans on the best business books from around the world. He later on wrote, “Thank you for the overwhelming feedback for last week’s book recommendations. This week’s 5 books will give you insights on the practical lessons drawn from top business people from around the world. The lessons will teach you from around the world. The lessons will teach you to think strategically as you embark on a journey of business leadership”.

He then shared his list with the following books.
1 Simon Sinek- Start with why
2 Gary Vaynerchuk – Crushing it
3 Duncan Clark- The house that Jack Ma built
4 Stephen A Shwarzman – What it takes
5 Steve Anderson-14 principles to grow your business like Amazon.
Makamba is one of the most renowned business people from Zimbabwe. In spite of his battles involving telecoms company Telecel, he has managed to cement his business interests in the country.

Most people, particularly those with start up businesses, are encouraged to read books on business principles as well as enhance their knowledge of business systems

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