Ecocash unveils new system that allows clients to reverse transactions and reset pins at home

Econet clients have commended their service provider for moving with the times. Not only has the giant telecoms company proved to be innovative, it has also strived to make the use of its services convenient. No wonder why it is the leading service provider in the country.

Through its mobile money platform EcoCash has launched the EcoCash Web Portal, as well as a USSD option, which empower customers to reset their own PIN numbers and to initiate funds reversals.PIN resets help improve security and automatic reversals for failed transactions come in handy in the case of funds sent by mistake to the wrong person, for example.In the past, it was not possible for users to carry out these two essential services from their end, necessitating either calls to the EcoCash switchboard or physical visits to the nearest EcoCash outlet.

However, due to the major core system upgrade it carried out a few months ago, EcoCash has advised that users can now initiate PIN change and automatic reversals of transactions.The Web and USSD initiatives are very safe and easy to use, said Mr Eddie Chibi, the Chief Executive Officer of Cassava Smartech Zimbabwe, the holding company of EcoCash.Chibi said the group was focused on enhancing customer experience by leveraging digital innovations to deliver convenient, automated customer solutions.It was high time such a system upgrade was implemented considering that over 70 percent of human traffic to all EcoCash customer touch-points (shops) was attributed to two human self-induced errors: PIN resets and peer-to-peer transaction reversals, owing to customers mistakenly sending money to the wrong person.Customers can use the USSD solution by simply dialling *150#, or they access the EcoCash Selfcare Web Portal by making a once-off registration on

This new development has been welcomed with open arms by Ecocash users. They have applauded Econet for coming up with such a convenient platform to eliminate mistakes that occur on a regular basis. They have also embraced the new system in light of the covid 19 pandemic which is placing limitations on travel to their shops.

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