Zimbabwean man arrested in Hong Kong for using fake ATM cards.

A daring Zimbabwean national has landed himself in hot soup after being caught on the wrong side of the law. The man was traced down after having withdrawn money from various banks using fake Atm cards.

He was apprehended at a hotel in the Macau CBD area. The man was in the bit of withdrawing cash in and around Macau amounting to 10 000 Hong Kong dollars. The transactions were made at various banking institutions. Luck, however, ran out for the man as he was picked up by authorities. He alleged that he would get 30% from the proceeds, hinting that he would hand over the money to someone else.

The man was also found in possession of ATM cards from Australia, U.K and South Africa. He also had a phone that had a card reader application installed. He has since been transferred to the public prosecutions offices pending his trial.

The Zimbabwean national is facing charges of computer fraud and falsification of currency among other string of charges. Judiciary Police spokesperson Laid Man Vai confirmed the arrest of the man and that he had been found with incriminating evidence. He had started his shenanigans in other parts of Hong kong but was finally nailed in Macau.

Japan has strict laws with regards to cyber crime with most online crimes attracting a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment.

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