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Celebrities thoughts on mother’s day.

Mother’s day was indeed a day to reflect on the importance of mothers in society. Whilst most people treated their mothers and showered them with gifts, the essence of celebrating mothers certainly goes beyond any measure of gifts.

Most celebrities spent the day with their mothers and posted events of the day on various social media handles. They reiterated the importance of having such people in their lives and their of their mother’s love in their lives.

Ruvheneko took her mother to lunch and showed her off as they chatted and bonded. Likewise Mai Titi posted for a photoshoot with her mother who could easily pass off as her sister due to the elegant dress she wore and beautiful make up she had on.

Other celebrities however, stated that mothers day was a sad day for them because their mothers had passed away. They lamented the fact that their mothers were not there to celebrate with them. Hope Masike said that people should not take their mothers for granted but should instead take good care of them whilst they are still breathing. She however said that all those fathers who had raised their children after the death of their wives deserved to be recognized on this day.

Olinda Chapel also penned down a heartfelt mother’s day message to her late mother. She said she felt sad. Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz however showered his aunt with lots of love on the day. He said since his mother had passed on, her sister had taken care of him and had been the mother figure in all his life. He said he appreciated all her efforts to raise him up.

Madam boss also said that have was proud of her late mum and she missed her so much. The sentiments by these celebrities ought to be a wake up call to everyone on the impirtanxe of taking care of mothers because of their undeniable love and affection.

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