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Pics :Zim celebs who rock lingerie.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing our local celebrities looking their best. Of course they dress up elegantly for special occasions, photo shoots and video filming but what do they look like in lingerie. We look at some of our best famous faces as they rock some lingerie.

Madam boss is not shy to show off her body in a rather risque one piece lingerie piece in this image. In order to advertise soem of the sexy stuff in her shop the comedian decided to wear one herself and clearly rocked it. This pink number sent social media into overdrive with most people commenting on how Madam boss looked great in the figure hugging lace.

2. Kim is the perfect example of how to look great in black lingerie. Some bold make up and stylish hairdo left her looking sultry and a true representation of femininity in this pic. Being a model by trade, Kim is comfortable to pose for the camera in this one piece dark lace.

Pokello never shys away from the camera, moreso when she is wearing such a sexy number. Pokello showed off her new customer made bed last year. It was however, not the bed that that caught our attention but the singer’s skimpy nightie. Pokello showed off her long legs and flawless skin, proving that the mother or two is still very much in the game.

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