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Robert Mugabe’s top 5 dapper moments.

The late former president of Zimbabwe was a fashion icon and renowned for his edgy, sharp suits and bold looks. He was always dressed to kill and a lot of people in the fashion industry looked highly upon the former statesman’s eadrobe choices.

1 The funky, edgy look

The former president paired up his custom made blazer with a funky yellow beret. The blazer was a hit and showed off the former president’s cheeky side. Embedded with his face and party colours, the blazer was more of a personal fashion trend. The beret also complimented the whole look.

2 The formal wear look

The former president simply loved sharp tailored suits. He could rock any suit in any colour and always came out tops. Whether he was attending business meetings, conferences or international events, the former president usually showed up in classy suits.

3 The swagger look

The president also loved to experiment with textures and colours and new clothing trends. His pimped up formal look took him back to his youthful days. In this image, the former president rocked his suit with a stylish cap and swanky scarf. He had opened his own fashion line called House of Gushungo to try and imprint his story through clothes. In an earlier interview the label designer Saint Mahaka had stated, “The Young guys are into fashion. They talk about label, label,…he (Mugabe) is a brand himself. We decided there is Versace, there is Polo, there is Tommy Hilfiger, people are putting on these labels ,but don’t know who they are and what the story is, we know president Mugabe’s story, we know who he is”.

4 The party regalia look

The former president gave popurlarity to try Zanu pf signature look of material printed in arty colours and at times with his face printed. H always wore such clothe at rallies and party functions.

5 The sporty look

During his last days, Robert Mugabe was photographed wearing some trendy Adidas wear trackpants. He looked relaxed and calm and paired off the sporty look with some neat Adidas shoes.

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