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Seductive bra attracts interest

Some have labeled it as one of the biggest scandals in the fashion world but the introduction of a seductive bra which suggests one is not wearing one has aroused huge interest.

The new bra which recently became available on the market was manufactured in a way that the front part has a sharp point such that when worn, on lookers will see the image of nipples yet one is in actual fact wearing a bra.

The new bras have been deemed as scandalous with many of the view that the new bras are a way of merely arousing men. Images of a girl wearing a seductive bra have been trending on social media where there have been mixed reactions.

Some have hailed the creativity shown by the bra designers while others have bemoaned the thought process in coming up with a bra which many feel is aimed at merely sexually arousing men. Fears are that such bras aid cases of rape which have in the past been linked to some women dressing inappropriately although activists strongly argue there can never be a defence for a rape perpetrator.

In recent months bum boosting panties have been on high demand as women seek to portray an image of possessing a vivacious sexy body which men often a time long for. Like the bum lifters which come in different forms, the new provocative bras are just an addition to a growing industry in which women desperately seek to portray varying images.

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