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Somizi applauded for helping stranded motorist

South African socialite and television personality Somizi has received a standing ovation from fans after assisting a stranded woman by the roadside. The outspoken media personality said he was touched when he saw a woman who was stuck and in obvious need of assistance. He said other motorists were simply passing by, leaving the poor woman distraught. Somizi stopped his car and offered some help.

He said the woman did not recognize him at all because he was wearing glasses, a mask and a cap. He said while they were conversing on how he could assist, the woman’s husband called and said he would be there shortly. It was at that moment that Somizi gave his number to the woman in case things did not go well and left.

He also advised her to call him should she need any assistance as he was going to a gym that was close by. The woman only woke up to a startling realization that it was the mighty Somizi who had stopped by the roadside to help her. She sent him a very appreciative text.

Somizi said people ought to show humility and to help those in need at all times. He however asked for caution to be exercised as well. Somizi is one of the biggest celebrities in South Africa. He has done it all. From being on SA idols as a judge, to radio and television gigs as well as fitness class instructor. He recently announced his latest venture, a cooking show.

His marriage to Mohale and open gay status have also made him a very popular figure in South Africa. People were actually shocked at his humility

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