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Top 5 winter protective hairstyles that are trending

The winter season is upon us and most women are crying foul over hair breakage and damage. This is the ideal time to tuck in your hair into a perfect and stylish protective winter hairstyle. We compile our favourite protective styles of 2020.

Box braids are timeless. Not only are they classy but they also protect your hair from the harsh, cold elements of winter. You can spice them up by having them neatly done in straight rows or diamond shapes. You can also curl them at the ends to achieve a more edgy look. Box braids are versatile in that they can be styled differently each day or you can simply let them hang loose. They also provide a warm cover during this cold weather. You can also have them in various colours such as black, grey or brown

Crocheting has become such a thing in this decade. You can protect your hair by having a crotchet weave seen in. This requires a good hairdresser who is acquainted with such stykes. Crocheting is good in that it completely covers your hair and yet leaves breathing gaps for your hair. Weaves, braids and even faux locks can be crocheted.

Cornrows are another ideal way of saving your hair during winter. They completely cover your hair making it grow as well as preserving it.

In the African hair and beauty industry there is one style that has stood the test of time. Commonly known as “magodi” or “mabhanzi” this style has been hailed as a saviour by most women. You can spice up things by adding a hairpiece at the centre of your head depending on the atyke. This hairso is also good for protecting hair.

Thick braided twists have also become Suh a phenomenon in 2020. They look chic and stylish. These can be adjusted to the length of your choice when twisting. These thick twists are great for outdoors and could even pass off with some formal clothing.

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