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CUT student wins international award

A Chinhoyi university of technology student is trending after breaking barriers and making it big on the international scene. Budiriro born, Brian Mushakwe recently won the African future leaders award. This came after he came up with a solid plan to boost tourism in Zimbabwe.

The humble faced student, who grew up without a father has received a standing ovation from the whole nation following this major a achievement. He has since been named the winner of the 2019-2020 International University challenge which comes with a trip to Frankfurt in Germany early next year.

Such a sharp young man, Mushakwe has received a lot of praise for being innovative and offering a solution to the country’s ailing tourism industry. The current corona pandemic has also worsened the situation.

Zimbabwe used to thrive on tourism. Having one of the seven natural wonders of the world also encouraged tourism. It was one of the sectors responsible for giving the economy a boost. That has since become history and Mushakwe’s proposal was seen to be progressive.

Zimbabwe has a lot of talent that just seems to keep breaking new ground on the international scene. Mushakwe has been commended for thinking out of the box and for raising his country’s flag high.

The young academic has indeed won the hearts of many and his trip to Germany will also expose him to other innovative young minds like himself. The young innovator certainly has a bright future. It has often been said the future lies in the hands of the youth and having such great minds is encouraging

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