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Tinashe Mutarisi’s emotional life testimony

Tinashe Mutarisi, founder and CEO of Nash paints had his followers feeling emotional and inspired after sharing some memories about his rise to success. The humble faced business man revealed that it was not an easy task building his own empire. Mutarisi said he made a bold decision in 2001 to move to Botswana to look for any job so that he could raise capital and become a business man just like his late father who on e owned a mill in the rural areas. He said he had a vision to own his own thriving business some day.

Mutarisi opened up about the hardships he faced. How his sister’s husband would often tell her not to open the gate for him and he would eventually sleep in a ditch where mosquitos would make a meal out of him. He said it was no easy road. He however said most people need imagined that he would make it in life. People, like his brother in law never dreamt that he would one day offer employment to their relatives.

Mutarisi acknowledged that some people gave him a chance even where there was no hope that he would make it. Mutarisi has since become one of the most successful business people in the country. He has won several awards.

His contribution in the music industry has also yielded results. He said he was part of being the scenes for 4 artists who took 15 awards home in just four years. Mutarisi sponsors several artists and was instrumental in the release of the Avion riddim.

Mutarisi also revealed how he had bought a struggling furniture company with a debt of USD 4 million and turned its fortunes around.

His story has served as an inspiration to many people. Rapper T Gonz said it was the most inspirational story he had heard his whole life. In spite of all the success Mutarisi remains humble and loves to give back to the community. He recently donated food hampers to those in need to alleviate hunger during the lockdown

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