20 Free IT Online Courses (Web Designing, Coding, App Development, Graphic Designing)

We living in exciting times where with technology almost anything is impossible.IT is a very interesting space because it is one area that has elevated innovation in a huge way. The past decade has seen the emergence of Apps, Social platforms and Computer Systems that affect almost every aspect of our lives, from the way we engage, bank, work, shop etc. Below is a compilation of IT courses anyone can take from the comfort of their mobile phone or computer. These 20 Free IT Online Courses range from Web Designing, Coding, App Development, Graphic Designing and more! Enjoy.

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1. Android Development – Free iTunes Video – David Fisher, UC Berkeley

2. Blender 3D Design – Free iTunes iOS Course – Course Info – Neal Hirsig, Tufts

3. Building Dynamic Web SitesFree iTunes Video & Audio – Free Course Video & AudioDavid Malan, Harvard Extension

4. Building Mobile ApplicationsFree iTunes Audio – Free Course Info & Video – David Malan, Harvard Extension

5. CodecademyWeb Site

6. Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad (2012)Free iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford

7. Coding Together: Apps for iPhone and iPad (2013) – Free iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford

8. Computational Camera and PhotographyFree Online Audio – Course Info – Ramesh Raskar, MIT

9. Developing Apps for iOS 5 (iPhone & iPad)Free iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford

10. Developing iOS 7 Apps for iPhone and iPadFree iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford

11. Developing iOS 8 Apps with SwiftFree iTunes Video – Paul Hegarty, Stanford

12. Developing iPad Applications for Visualization and Insight Free iTunes VideoNiki Kittur, Carnegie Mellon

13. Software as a ServiceFree Online Video – Armando Fox and David Patterson, UC Berkeley

14. Introduction to iPhone Application DevelopmentFree iTunes Video – Kenneth Joy, UC Davis

15. iPhone Application Development in iOS5 (Fall 2011) – Free iTunes HD Video – Free iTunes Standard-Def Video

16. iPhone Application Development (Spring 2009) Free iTunes Video – Stanford

17. iPhone Application Development (Winter 2010)Free iTunes Video – Stanford

18. Media ProgrammingFree Web Course – Carnegie Mellon

19. Mobile Software EngineeringFree Video + Courses Info – David Malan, Harvard

20. Software EngineeringFree Online Video Free iTunes AudioFree iTunes Video – Web – Multiple Professors, UC Berkeley

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