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10 Fun Facts About Angeline Mandaba Aka RozviQueen

She’s a controversial model who has faced a lot of scrutiny for her ever changing complexion. Angeline Mandaba has always embraced her identity calling herself the “RozviQueen”. Always causing a frenzy on social media, here are ten things you might not know about the Rozviqueen.


1. RozviQueen has six tattoos and seven piercings.

2. Her favorite band is One Direction and locally her favorite artist is Souljah Love. Souljah Love’s “Nyuchi” is one of her favorite songs.

3. Her type of man is one who is shy, smells nice and dresses nice. A broke man turns her off.

4. It takes her 30 minutes to shower and an hour to get ready.

5. Her favorite actor is Morgan Freeman.

6. Her favorite eat out spot in Harare is St Elmo and her guilty pleasure is chocolate

7. Her favorite jewellery are watches and her favorite fashion brand is Versace.

8. She is afraid of snakes, failure and losing the people she loves

9. She enjoys watching reality shows and old movies.

10. Her favorite quotes are, “They tried to bury us they didn’t we were seeds” and “When you fight a pig, you both get dirty. The difference is the pig likes it.”

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