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Warriors in Cameroon after embarrassing ZIFA

Warriors In Cameroon After Embarrassing ZIFA

The Warriors left the country for Cameroon yesterday after snubbing their farewell dinner on Friday over unpaid allowances  by ZIFA. The Warriors stood in a lobby at the hotel as they vowed to boycott the tournament if their match fees do not reflect in their accounts by Friday.

Warriors in Cameroon after embarrassing ZIFA

Warriors in Cameroon after embarrassing ZIFA

The Warriors will tomorrow take on Cameroon in a friendly match and then proceed to Gabon for the tournament as they will take on the’ Desert foxes’ Algeria on Friday in their first group match.

The players have been granted the $5 000 they wanted as match fees as well as $400 in foreign daily allowances, $150 in local daily allowances and $6 000 in winning bonus per match.”

Zifa on the other hand was offering the country’s football heroes $500 per match in appearance fees, $50 in local daily allowances and $150 in foreign daily allowances.

Apart from the appearance fees and winning bonuses, Zifa and the Warriors representatives also agreed on how they will share the $475 000 qualification bonus that the Confederation of African Football dishes out to the 16 finalists.

“Qualification bonus: 60 percent Zifa and 40 percent team. Appearance and winning bonuses will be escalated at US$2 000 per game. Appearance fees (for) group stage to the players’ accounts/technical accounts on or before the 12th of January 2017,” reads part of the agreement.

Take a look at the agreement below signed on Saturday