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5 Ex Q Songs That We Expect Him To Perform At Shoko Festival

You can’t talk about the evolution of Zimbabwean urban music without mentioning Ex Q. With a career that spans to 15 years, Exquisite, has been a mainstay of Zimbabwean pop music. He began his days rapping whilst under the umbrella term, ‘urban grooves’ until now where he is now an Afro pop artist. He raps, he sings and makes music for the ladies. He also makes music for everyone to either sing along to or dance to. In recent years, his hard work has been paying off. He has been dropping hit by hit and has had a number of strategic collaborations and affiliations that have changed his career. Now the OG of Zimbabwean urban music will be performing at Shoko Festival 2017. This is major as both young and old audiences will get to experience the music and being of Ex Q. From his discography there are a few favorites that we hope that he will perform. Check out the 5 songs that we expect him to perform at Shoko Festival.



Taken from the urban lingo word ‘Musalad’ that described a Zimbabwean with foreign habits and cultures. This was Ex Q’s introduction to mainstream media and the hook is a great rap along…if such a word exists. This would be a great throwback to a lot of people’s youth.

2. Mazirudo

This love song had a way with listeners, from the beat to the lyrics. The chorus which is about a whole lot of love is a good sing along.

3. Ndichakutevera

One of the many testimonies of how Ex Q and Roki are a good collaboration. Before ‘Losing Kilos’ and ‘Alleluya’, the pair worked on this hit single. ‘Ndichakutevera’ had one of the best videos back in it’s day.

4. Bhachura

Now an Ex Q performance would not be complete without this Oskid production. Both the original and remix which features Ammara Brown are great listens. This is one song with an amazing guitar bass and listening to it live would be awesome.

5. Nhema

While many fans keep asking for a music video, ‘Nhema’ is one of the biggest tunes at this moment. The collaboration of Zim dancehall and Afro Pop on the DJ Tamuka production proves that music can cross demography. Imagine the crowd screaming back the lyrics from the chorus before singing, “Tiri mafree spirits…”.



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