5 Ways to Eat Healthy During the Holidays

What we all love most about the holidays is the food. Festive food is rich and delicious. We can’t resist holiday parties and the large portions of food. The challenge is that we forget about the weight we will put on. It’s not just the weight but there’s a challenge to our health. Below are a few tips to help you Eat Smart during the holidays.

1. Eat slowly

Take your time to enjoy every single bite. Enjoy every part of your delicious food.

2. Take smaller portions.

There’s a reason why there is tge saying that Christmas comes only once a year. People tend to overidulge during holidays. People cook and eat in bulk. Use a small plate to ensure that you have small portions of food.

3. Don’t arrive hungry.

Whatever ypu do, don’t some fast in preparation for big holiday feasts. Actually don’t go to holiday parties or gatherings on an empty stomach.

4. Scope then scoop.

Let your eyes analyse what can be healthy for your diet. Glazed foods or rich soups tends to be high in calories.

5. Try having healthy holiday traditions.

There is always that one holiday dish that unfortunately can add a feww kilos. Find alternatives in the ingredients or look for a healthier signature dish.

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