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Top Zimbabwean Celebrity Couples That Didn’t Work Out Part 1

Yes you know them all, they started with the I love yous, they kissed, hugged, held hands, and flaunted their love in the public eye. Some had kids together, some got engaged, some even got married… But some how, In the wink of an eye, however, they were over!!!

Check out the top high-profile Zimbabwean celebrity couples that surprisingly didn’t make it:

Roki and Ammara

This relationship ended before we even processed it. Imagine the albums that would have come out. They could’ve have been our own Cher and Bono. Never forget, this happened. We are still waiting for Ammara’s Oops, I did it again song though!

ammara and roki

Roki and Pauline

He was a a great artist, she was a beautiful songbird, fast forward two babies and a “chidzoka” song later, we still secretly wish they should get back together.


Stunner and Pokello

If there’s anything good came out of this relationship it’s Pokello teaching Stunner how to dress, now he’s topping our male best dressed lists but unfortunately we should always expect the unexpected…

pokello and stunner

Trevor Dongo and Ashley Maumbe

This was a beautiful couple until Trevor started cheating and the couple has since split and gone their separate ways. Trevor Dongo and her model girlfriend were just too cute for words together.

trevor dongo and wife

Roki and Tererai

This is the part where we ask, how did a troublesome guy like this manage to bag three of the most talented female musicians in the country? Roki you’re the man!




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